What is EMTab?

EMTab is an Al driven, active, web based, manufacturing management system

  • Al: Machine learning to identify anomalies and predict events.
  • Active: 24x7 condition monitoring, events, alarms and notifications
  • Web based: Web based dashboards and visualizations, Cloud deployment
  • Manufacturing Management: Improve ROI, reduce downtime, provide optimizations
  • System: Security, Configuration, Database, User Management and more




EMTab - Your Gateway to Industry 4.0


Entry point to digitalization

Every machine holds a wealth of data. EMTab leverages that data to understand it by connecting physical infrastructure to the digital world. Data is seamlessly captured, transferred and made available for meaningful analysis.


Foundation for development of applications

EMTab platform supports developing applications to meet your needs. Our strong software expertise offers a variety of industry specific applications that offer ready-to-use solutions


Multiplier for digital services and new business

Digital services can be developed and provided to multiple users to reduce downtime, increase output and use assets more effectively.

Make your customers Industry 4.0 Ready

EMTab provides valuable and insightful data to your customers